Find harmony in life and achieve your goals with the help of a Holistic Life Coach.
I will help you unlock your potential, discover the key to happiness, health, and self-fulfillment, and reach a new quality of life.
Таша Ди Донато
Are you familiar with any of this?
You realize your health and well-being do not align with your desires and needs.
You are facing challenges in both physical and emotional well-being and are seeking ways to improve your life.
You feel stuck, lost, and unable to define your goals and priorities
Life seems monotonous, needing more inspiration and motivation for action.
You are not sure how to achieve a balance between self-realization and personal life.
Multitasking between work and household chores takes a lot of energy, and there's no time left for yourself and your family. You crave harmony.

You are experiencing a sense of emptiness or lack of purpose in life.
You wish to discover effective techniques to handle emotions and stress.
You want to build self-confidence and overcome insecurities.
You want to enhance your relationship with yourself and those around you.
Step into your new life with the help of Holistic Life Coaching
5 areas of health covers by Holistic Coaching
Mental Health
Social health
Emotional Health
Physical Health
Holistic Life Coaching is the method I use to help clients in achieving their goals, addressing not only their physical health but also nurturing their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
Enhancing Your Mental Well-being: Embrace mental clarity and concentration, navigate through mental challenges, and nurture resilience and self-awareness. Learn to set and accomplish meaningful goals. Foster self-esteem and self-assurance to cultivate a strong belief in your capabilities and intrinsic value as an exceptional individual.
Enhancing Your Social Well-being: Build and sustain healthy relationships with others, and engage in activities that improve your social life's quality. Developing communication and conflict resolution skills while also understanding the impact of social and cultural factors on your overall health and well-being.
Enhancing Your Emotional Well-being: Being resilient in the face of change. The ability to adapt to a changing environment and cope with difficulties. Managing your emotions by expressing them constructively and establishing healthy boundaries in relationships. Improving emotional intelligence, self-control, empathy, and connecting with others' feelings. Cultivating a positive mindset and seeking out the bright side of life.

All aspects of physical well-being include dietary choices, nutrition, physical activities, body cleansing, and the optimal functioning of all bodily systems. Hearing and understanding your body fosters a deeper connection with oneself.

Enhancing Your Spirit Well-being: Involves fostering a deeper connection to a greater sense of existence beyond the individual self. Exploring personal beliefs and values. Uncovering meaning and purpose in life. Developing intuition and empathy, enhancing awareness and intuition, and honing the practice of living in the present moment.

What results will you get:
Improve emotional and physical health while gaining a deeper understanding of your body.
Understand your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and unique personality traits.
Learn fresh methods of self-discovery, addressing and overcoming any obstacles or limiting beliefs that may hold you back.
Elevate your authentic self by nurturing intuition and spirituality, finding harmony between the spiritual and the material realms. Uncover your self-worth, amplify your intuition (recognize your strengths, heed your aspirations)
Improve relationships with yourself and the world around you: beloved ones, colleagues, and partners.
Incorporate valuable practices into your life that will promote a sense of lightness, vitality, and inspiration.
Define your goals and create a roadmap to achieve your desired results.
During this meeting, we will chart the course towards achieving your aspirations. You'll gain a deeper understanding of how I can support you and grasp the core principles of the holistic approach.
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This is right fit for if:
You want to improve your physical and emotional health
Suppose you suffer from chronic or frequent illnesses and experience energy depletion, emotional stress, or exhaustion. In that case, we will restore balance to your body and emotions, identify and eliminate sources of discomfort, and restore health and harmony using holistic methods and my proprietary techniques.
You seek meaning and purpose in your life.
Standing at significant life crossroads, searching for your calling, and aiming to unlock your potential. My proprietary method of conscious transformation will help you comprehend your values and goals, embrace your unique qualities, and fully realize your potential.
You're ready for conscious transformation.
The time has come for change, yet you're uncertain about where to begin, afraid of the unfamiliarity of the new, and hesitant due to doubts and contradictions from previous attempts. Holistic life coaching and practices will aid you in embracing your inner self, understanding your true desires, discovering new opportunities for spiritual and material growth, and self-realization. Together, we will overcome these challenges and guide you toward success.
Let me introduce myself
Holistic Life Coach

● Founder of the unique online Transformation Center - TFMspa365, where people are guided to achieve optimal health and well-being in all aspects of life.

● 11 + years of practice and collaboration with experts worldwide and more than 300 satisfied students.

● Creator of a distinctive frequency-based methodology and author of the "Proi" personality development program.

● Over 10 years of effective self-work and preparation as a specialist for working with people: purification, processing, knowledge acquisition, exploration of various techniques, testing, and profound practices.

● I use a unique combination of intuitive and scientifically proven techniques, such as Astropsychology, Iridology, ABC + D, Numerology, Claircognizance, Psychosomatics and work with Frequencies.
— Tasha Di Donato
  • I am very grateful to Tasha for her support and help. She taught me how to work with my emotions and find my way. My life has become much brighter and complete thanks to her intuitive techniques.
    Julia Palissy
  • Tasha entered my life like a true guardian angel. I faced challenges in my work and personal life, and she helped me figure out what I needed to do to move forward. I found meaning in my life, and now I see things differently thanks to her support.
    Sergei Saniev
  • I was skeptical about intuitive work, but Tasha changed my life. She helped me reveal and release my past traumas and fears, and now I feel more confident than ever. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to improve their lives.
    Joe Cripe
  • I highly recommend coach Tasha. Her professionalism, intuition, and knowledge have been essential to my success in my personal life and career. She is a great guide.
    Melisa Bryan
  • Tasha's guidance has been a transformative experience for me. Her holistic approach opened my eyes to a whole new way of understanding myself and my life. With her support, I've learned to embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth. Tasha's unique methods have truly made a positive impact on my well-being.
    Lisa Martinez
  • Working with Tasha has been a game-changer. Her ability to seamlessly blend intuition with practical strategies is remarkable. She helped me untangle complex emotions and guided me toward a clearer path. Tasha's insights are like a compass that has helped me navigate both my personal and professional life with newfound confidence.
    Mark Johnson
  • Tasha's coaching is like a breath of fresh air. Her empathetic approach creates a safe space for exploration and growth. Through her guidance, I've gained clarity on my goals and discovered the power of self-compassion. Tasha's passion for helping others shines through, making every session an enlightening experience.
    Emily Carter
  • I can't thank Tasha enough for the positive changes she's brought into my life. Her intuitive coaching style resonated deeply with me, and her personalized techniques have been incredibly effective. With her support, I've overcome hurdles that seemed insurmountable before. Tasha is not just a life coach; she's a true beacon of inspiration.
    David Thompson
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